Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enter the pastry student

Well, hi. First thing's first: I am not Jupe. I am Jupe's internet video game friend who happens to also be a foodie, and whom she has invited here to share the things I do in my labs at culinary school.

Here are the cakes I have made over the past couple of days.

That's what my chef called a crispy mocha torte - the cake itself is a pretty ordinary yellow sponge cake, but it's covered with mocha buttercream and has a crunchy layer of Japonaise (kind of like meringue, but with hazelnuts!) in between the two cake layers. The top is marzipan... someday I will make a post about marzipan, because that stuff is fun as hell once you get the hang of it! I ended today wishing I had the time and energy to just play with the stuff and see how many kinds of flowers I could make, but it was a busy class period.

There's more...

Flourless hazelnut torte! This was delicious, but I couldn't eat a whole slice - that praline glaze coating it is SWEET! I think if I make it again, there will be less mocha buttercream inside it and more dark chocolate ganache. With coffee. Damn. I wish I could have done that in class, it would have been amazing.

Anyway, there's the young upstart's introduction. Seeya folks.

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