Monday, September 23, 2013

My Creation Lives

I have officially finished my first lab. The practical exam: Create a concept for a themed dessert buffet, including ten different desserts, and actually build one dessert of your choice. My theme: Disney princesses. My choice: Belle.

Belle is a hazelnut-milk-chocolate base, a thin layer of vanilla cake topped with raspberry cremeaux, two dark chocolate layers with rose-flavored Chantilly cream between them, and a rose-petal-and-fresh-raspberry garnish. It went over well and tasted pretty much like I'd hoped. Got them done right under the wire to get them onto the open tasting buffet...

Not the greatest lighting, sadly, but there you have it: Our desserts on display as we squint into the blinding sun to pose with our stuff. Took a few closeups as well... sadly I'm not certain what everything is.

The chocolate cherry thing on that last plate was really tasty, though.

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