Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spanish Bar Cake

When I was a kid, my grandmother would always stop at A&P and pick up a Spanish bar cake to snack on.  It wasn't homemade, but it was spicy and savoury and a little bit sweet from the icing. It has always been my favourite.

As of late, I discovered that Metro, the supermarket A&P turned into, no longer stocks the Spanish  bar cake. Nor does its cheaper branch, Food Basic. Disappointed, I thought all hope was lost.

One day, I decided to check  AllRecipes to see if they had a Spanish bar cake.  They have thousands of recipes, so for all I knew, maybe they had one.

I was in luck.

There is ONE recipe for Spanish  bar cake on the entire site. It did not include a frosting, so I used another recipe for an allspice cream cheese icing.

The cake took a bit of preparation, as the raisins had to be cooked in water and mixed with shortening, but it was worth waiting for the mixture to cool down before stirring it in with the dry ingredients and eggs.

The cake is fluffy, moist, and light. It's spicy and savoury.

It doesn't taste like the kind we bought at the store:  it's better.

Spanish bar cake is approved of.

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