Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mmmm, booze

Last Friday, at Johnson & Wales Denver: Tiramisu and mudslide cakes. Read: Kahlua!

That is the photo of the six individual tiramisu I produced. Tiramisu isn't much fun, especially when you have a stovetop with a broken power-level readout and you end up overcooking your egg yolks, like I did, but it was saved by the addition of a little more heavy cream and some elbow grease with a whisk. They turned out fine in the end, thankfully, and were all eaten! Also, what's the deal with ladyfingers? I keep hearing about how difficult they are, but they seemed pretty straightforward to me... strange. Maybe people just don't like working with things that can't sit around before they go into the oven.

As for the mudslide cake, sorry, no photos yet because its chocolate mousse filling had to set up in the freezer. Like the Bavarian entremet from last post, it's constructed inside a metal ring lined with a thin layer of almond sponge cake, and unmolded after it's completely set. So until tomorrow, when it is unmolded and finished, a description will have to suffice... it has a bottom layer of Rice Krispies in praline chocolate, like a really classy Hershey's crackle bar, sealed over with white chocolate ganache spiked with Bailey's. On top of that, a layer of chocolate mousse, then a layer of chocolate cake soaked in more Kahlua, then a layer of Chantilly cream with a vodka kick. Enjoy that image until tomorrow when you get a visual one...

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