Friday, January 27, 2012

And that's it for cakes

Nine days of this class were harrowing, especially day eight - the first day of the practical exam, in which I barely got everything done in time and ruined a great deal of chocolate trying to get the collar for my chocolate mousse cake made - but on day nine, everything was all better. For the first time ever in that class I was able to make the chocolate behave, and I was able to actually recover from mistakes (this is highly unusual for me - I have joked that I am the Doctor Frankenstein of pastry: if something doesn't turn out right, throw a tantrum and murder it)... I overcooked the eggs for the Bavarian cream while I was struggling to get the gelatin to bloom on my second cake for the practical, and somehow this was no big deal, I redid the eggs and it came out fine.

And by "fine" I mean "these are probably the best things I have ever made." Please disregard my apron strings and towel that managed to sneak in to the top view picture.

And now I'm starting Advanced Artisan Bread. Ohboy...

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