Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitchen Organising, Tea, Tea, and More Tea

I took the liberty of doing a bit of cleaning up and organising in my kitchen. It had been bothering me for sometime, but I finally got it done.

The tupperware got sorted into "We use this" and "We never use this" and we are hoping to offload it onto someone who will appreciate it.

The pantry got organised: canned food, sauces, grains, baking, and spaghetti.

Finally, I moved all my tea onto three shelves.   Yes, three shelves.

Not pictured: the lower shelf with the Timothy's gift box teas.

I have bagged tea, loose tea, old tea, new tea. One tea, two tea, red tea, blue tea.

Loose teas:

2 blossoming teas
1 Chinese Green Tea (the packaging is all in Chinese so I can't give anymore detail than that)
Full Monty Mango
White Swiss Truffle
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
Organic Jade Green
Pumpkin Spice

Spring Morning
Organic Raspberry Leaf
Ice Age
Masala Chai

Davids Tea:
Midsummer Night's Dream
Bear Trap
Organic Detox

Boxed Tea:
Fireside Orange Spice
Orange Pekoe
Orange Pekoe with Strawberry
Two kinds of Peppermint
Apple Cinnamon
Sisters Blend Green
Tetley Earl Grey
Bengal Spice
Bedtime Tea
Apple Mango
Caramel Orange
Ginseng Lemon

Timothy's Tea:
Green (x 2)
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Lemon Blueberry
Timothy's Private Blend
Organic Pomegranate White

And I think that's it.  Ramona Flowers, eat your heart out.

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  1. Wow! You have even more tea than we do. I don't think I've ever met anyone who has even as much as us, so that's saying something. :) Yay tea!