Sunday, September 11, 2011

Viva Mexico!

My husband is turning 32 and so, for his birthday, I decided to do a Mexican theme.  For dessert, I made margarita cupcakes, and for dinner will be burritos with homemade guacamole.  For drinks I've opted a non alcoholic watermelon iced tea (bought from David's Tea) and mojitos! (recipe to follow in a later post)

Burritos will have a couple of available options:

Black beans with corn
Pinto beans
(both bean selections will  be appropriately seasoned with chili powder and a bit of garlic)
Cilantro lime rice (recipe to follow in a later post)
Rainbow peppers with red onion (salt and pepper)
Guacamole (recipe at the bottom of this post)
Chicken or steak (marinated in lime, pepper, and cilantro)
all the fixings (like cheese, lettuce, salsa, etc)
Here is are some pictures of ingredients:

Up next: Guacamole recipe!

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