Monday, June 6, 2011

Potato Salad

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is potato salad.  It's one of those things which, when made properly, is absolutely amazing... but when it's not made properly it's absolutely vile.

When making potato salad, you need to make sure to use a good, firm potato which won't disintegrate when you mix in everything else (unless you're making a mashed potato salad).  My personal preference is a nice chunky potato salad with a good texture and an assortment of fresh, tangy vegetables.

And so, the barbecue happened this weekend. It was essentially a birthday party for my son and we invited our closest family friends and local family members.  My husband barbecued some burgers and nature burgers on the 'cue and I made a potato salad and a spring salad.

Spring salads are pretty straight-forward.  The spring salad had green and red pepper, red onion, cucumber, blueberries, a bit of garlic, and assorted spring mix lettuce. Fairly basic.

The potato salad was my masterpiece, as it always is. It is the one thing I make sure is perfect, as I am something of a potato salad purist.

The recipe is something of a fair secret, but this time I actually tried something different. It came out creamy and delicious and slightly tangy, but not overly so.

The ingredients were as follows (but I won't disclose amounts of each, as everyone has different tastes and this was sort of made on the fly. When I mixed it up I tasted it constantly to make sure it had the right flavour, so measurements are sort of moot)

Hard boiled egg
Green and red pepper
Red onion
Dill Pickle
Miracle Whip
Sour Cream
Dill Pickle Juice
Salt + Pepper + Paprika

The idea was to make it creamy but not overly so. Tangy but not overbearing. Salty but not too. The balance of vegetables was really nice; every bite was just a little bit different, but the overall flavour of the salad lingered.

I made a huge bowl of the potato salad but only a tiny container was left over. I'm glad I added a bit extra.  It's serving for a really tasty and satisfying lunch.

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