Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fondant is hard!

No, not physically. The marshmallow fondant I made the other day turned out quite pliable and nice... but I'm thinking that I rolled it too thin because lifting it from the counter proved to be problematic.

Still, I stuck with it and I have the first two thirds or so of my son's birthday cake finished.

I am very glad I baked the cakes last week. White cake with lemon! And I made the buttercream today. Just plain vanilla buttercream. I've discovered that lemon icing with lemon cake = too much lemon! Lemon is good and all, but this proves to be a lemon sensory overhaul!

So, anyway, I brought the cakes to the dining room table and held my breath as I carved it.   Little pieces, bit by bit, until it looked just right.

Then, to the kitchen.

Three hours later and I have something to show for my efforts, but it's by no means finished just yet.

Here are the progress pictures so far!

Just as a note: this is supposed to be the Lightning McQueen at the  very very end of the movie when he shows up with his racing mixed with Radiator Springs paint job. It's probably an easier design than his standard paint job but not too basic. I'm sure the kids will know who the cake is supposed to be :P

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