Sunday, April 8, 2012

My First Cake Wreck

Oy vey.

Okay, so we're going to my cousin's for Easter. We usually go every year and everyone brings something.  They didn't ask me to bring anything, but being in a baking mood, I offered to bake a cake.  They agreed, so it was decided.

It started innocently enough, I suppose. My husband was planning to hit the gym early in the morning so I asked him to pick up a few things so I can bake cake.  Instead, he slept in and ran errands and didn't get the groceries. And I couldn't go get them. Why? My keys were in the stroller (which he put in the car) and his car was locked.

So, FML.

I waited four hours until he got home. It was 3pm.  We got the groceries and finally I baked the cakes.

Thing is, I fucked up the first batch of cake.  Instead of 1 cup of milk, I added FOUR. Because I'm an idiot and I can't read. How nice. I said, "Fuck cake" and we went out for dinner.

Anyway, after getting home from dinner, I was asked to put the kids to bed, which I did, and then got back to work baking more cake. I did this while grumbling. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE. But the cake was finished and it was beautiful.

While it was cooling, something happened in the kitchen and I had to carve off a corner of the cake. Not gonna mention it here but it was bad. Not showstopping, mind you, but still bad. Sigh.

Anyway, today was icing day. I made buttercream frosting with strawberry (like with Lisa's shower cupcakes -- I'll post pics of that later) and white buttercream and green buttercream (just regular flavour).

The strawberry icing was too thin and runny. I couldn't fix it and I couldn't make something else. We just didn't have enough ingredients, and since it's Easter Sunday, nothing is open.

I made due.

The rose is a blob. The writing is runny due to another folly on my part.  But at least the leaves and the green and the white underneath is okay.

Anyway, here are pics of my wreck.  Do you think it counts as a cake wreck? Let me know.

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