Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Fish!

Last time I posted about fish, it was after I made an awesome lime and garlic tilapia.

Today, I made fish again. Simply, the next two pieces out of a total of 7 we bought. (the next experiment will be 3 pieces instead of 2)

Anyway, I found this recipe online and decided that because it was fish wrapped in BACON, what could go wrong? NOTHING, RIGHT?

Fortunately, nothing went wrong. I followed the recipe as directed and out came a wonderful, beautiful fish.

Side dishes were garlic butter organic baby carrots and green beans with long grain and wild rice on the side.  I poured the remaining butter and garlic out of the veggie pan onto my rice. It was SO good.

The first piece of fish I tried to transfer onto my plate for pictures broke in half.  Swearing, I transferred the less pretty fish to hubby's plate and used extra care in moving the remaining piece with success.

Enjoy the pictures. :)


  1. Yay! Amazing! I'm so glad you liked it. I can't take credit though.. it's a Jamie Oliver. :)

    1. I wouldn't have found the recipe if you didn't use tilapia. A little bit if credit goes to you :)

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    4. Nice triple post, Jupe. Those servers must have been wasted or something.

  2. No kidding. Last time I post from my cell phone.