Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

As a sort of warm up for my son's third birthday in June I decided to make myself a birthday cake. Today is my birthday,  so I sort of cut it close.

Now, just for the record, I'm something of a novice cake maker. I'm by no means professional, as anyone could tell by my gawd-awful piping, but I had fun with gum paste and some leftover icing from the last cake I made.

My husband gave me a hand in the kitchen last night in baking the cakes as I've had a sore back due to pregnancy, and together, with my neighbour's Kitchenaid stand up mixer, we got the job done quickly, efficiently, and with little to no problems.

I decided that since I had mostly blue icing I'd make an underwater/ocean cake.  The decals are gum paste and the rest is just plain buttercream icing.

The actual cake is yellow with lemon. Yum! Two nine inch cakes stacked on top of each other with buttercream in the middle.

We'll taste it tonight but I think it'll be yummy enough.

And now... Pictures!

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